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When welding with metals such as Titanium, a secondary inert shielding gas application is necessary to protect the cooling weld bead and heat-affected zone. Trailing Shield® prevent oxidation by shielding the weld from the atmosphere until it has cooled to a safe temperature.


Supplimentary gas shielding for exotic & reactive metals

Trailing Shield® enable the welder to weld faster, saving time and money allows the production of bright shiny welds. Suitable for welding all types of exotic materials including titanium, nickel and cobalt alloys, stainless and duplex steels and other reactive metals.

Trailing Shield® reduce gas consumption due to the gas being isolated to the weld area only and save

wasted time, effort and expense by avoiding rejected welds due to oxidation.

Flat models for sheet or plate work are available as well as profiled models for the welding of both

internal and external pipes, vessels and tanks. The gas is diffused via a perforated plate.

Trailing Shield® are made with sinter-metal gas diffuser.

Trailing Shield® Since 1994

TiTech PRO™ invented the ‘Trailing Shield®’ in 1994 and own all international intellectual property rights and registered trademarks.

These Trailing Shield® provide high quality gas coverage when welding the following materials:

  • Titanium, zirconium and cobalt alloys
  • Duplex steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Other reactive metals while welding

While welding, Trailing Shield® will:

  • Reduce gas consumption
  • Save re-work
  • Allows for faster welding
  • Eliminate wasted material costs and rejected welds due to oxidation
  • Gasket is resistant to temperatures up to 230ºC

Each profiled Trailing Shield® is manufactured to suit a specific diameter of pipe, tube, vessel or tank.

They can be configured for either external or internal welding. Eliminating the need for a purge enclosure.

The flat Trailing Shield® for plate, sheet and rectangular tanks and fabrications are available in:

  • Small lightweight versions for manual welding torches
  • Larger, slightly heavier versions, for attaching to automatic/mechanised welding torches

Unique design features:

  • All shields fit all sizes of TIG/GTAW and MIG/GMAW torches

Bright, shiny, oxide free welds.

Inventor of the World’s 1st Trailing Shield®

We have been designing, developing and manufacturing Trailing Shield® since 1994.

Trailing Shield®

Trailing Shield® are designed for high quality gas coverage during the welding of titanium and stainless steel to prevent oxidation.

A Perfect Inert Gas Shield

The addition of a low cost Trailing Shield® prevents re-work, reduces gas consumption and improves weld quality.

Achieves High Quality Welds

Tubes, pipes and flat sheet welding can be perfected with a Trailing Shield®. Simply attach onto any TIG/GTAW, PAW/Plasma and MIG/GMAW welding torch.

Zero Colour Welds

Trailing Shield® ensure that the weld stays under a protective inert gas coverage while the hot weld metal is cooling, preventing it from oxidising on contact with air.

By using TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® the high temperature oxidation problem is solved. You may even increase heat input to some extent (WPQR heat input + 15%, or documented by WPQR). Increased heat input implies increased welding productivity and still have a silver bright weldment surface.

"Titanium is a reactive metal that forms compounds with less than optimum properties. Heated in air, the part surface contains brittle carbides, nitrides, and oxides, each of which can reduce the fatigue resistance and notch toughness of the weld and heat-affected zone (HAZ). Well-done titanium welds look like frozen mercury: shiny and reflective."

- David Hass