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Increasing the welding speed without compromising the quality?

Yes, it is possible!

Our latest Trailing Shield® 2.0™ come with superior performance and improved laminar gas flow to help you get the job done like never before.

Is ideal for welding titanium and high end stainless steel where oxygen levels are required to be as low as 10 PPM.


Trailing Shield®

The low cost, lightweight Trailing Shield® will fit any

Make of TIG, MIG or Plasma (GTAW, GMAW, PAW) welding

Torch for welding flat sheet or plate, tubes or pipes.

By using an TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® welds will be left

Bright and shiny and eliminate discolouration and oxidation.

Titanium and stainless steels are chosen for their corrosion

Resistant properties in particular and if they aret hen

Allowed to oxidise during the weld cycle, expensive post

Welding cleaning techniques become necessary.

Using a Trailing Shield® guarantees an oxide free,

Zero colour, bright shiny weld, time and time again.


Along with the new sleek design, our Trailing Shield® have a new unique gas nozzle, which means that we have now removed the last remnants of turbulence. With new and improved laminar gas flow, our Trailing Shield® 2.0 gir provides a better weld than ever before. Trailing Shield® 2.0™ is a original TiTech PRO™ design. Made in Norway and we guarantee quality and 100% craftsmanship.

TiTech PRO™ owns the Trailing Shield® copyright worldwide and full Intellectual Property rights for more than 25 years.

Quality Trailing Shield®

Trailing Shield® are a simple, low cost addition to any TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW) or Plasma (PAW) welding torch for oxide free welds.

Providing additional high quality inert gas coverage during the welding of reactive metals such as stainless steel, titanium and zirconium, Trailing Shields as well as Nickel Alloys, Chrome Steels and Magnesium) are a great accessory for any Tube, Pipe or Tank TIG (GTAW) , MIG (GMAW) or Plasma (PAW) Automatic or Manual welder.

We manufacture high quality Trailing Shield® at a competitive price. They will fit any make of TIG (GTAW) Mig (GMAW) or Plasma (PAW) welding torch for manual or automatic welding, on flat sheet or plate and the outside or inside of tubes and pipes and Tanks.